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Cranston Calvert

15 Cranston Ave. Newport, RI

About The Project

Cranston Calvert is a full gut-renovation and repurposing of a 50,000 square foot elementary school.  Located in the heart of a densely populated Newport, RI neighborhood, it is the only high-end residential rental building with not one, but two elevators in the City.  The building consists of 34 residential units and 64 onsite parking spaces. 

Cranston Calvert is the perfect solution for Newport’s workforce housing, providing an ideal and efficient housing solution for both young professionals as well as the aging community that may be downsizing to a vibrant part of the City. Additionally, by renovating an existing, historically significant building, BCM is providing both the City and the residents a beautiful piece of history to call home.


This conversion of Cranston Calvert is an important addition to Newport housing, BCM worked hand-in-hand with the City to provide a solution to a housing need that helps the City reach its goals outlined in the Newport City Comprehensive Plan.

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